Services – How We Clean

Oven cleaning has always been one job people put off until tomorrow as it is time consuming and dirty. Often the fumes from ‘DIY’ oven cleaning kits are unbearable.

Our experience in oven cleaning has allowed Shiny Bright Ovens to develop a cleaning process that is both thorough and effective. Our approach toward protecting the environment means that we only use ECO-friendly products on your oven, hob, etc. This allows you to use your oven as soon as we leave.

Upon arrival we respect your home by placing work sheets around the appliance we will clean. This to protect floor coverings, work units, etc. We will discuss the job with you and explain what we will be doing. 

We strip away all removable parts from the appliance. These include shelves, gas hob discs, grill pans, light covers, saucepan spiders, etc. This allow us to access difficult-to-reach areas. Where appropriate, we will clean these parts in a soak tank (in our van). High temperatures, combined with an efficient cleaning solution, loosen and remove all traces of burnt on carbon and grease from the parts

We will also remove control knobs to allow thorough cleaning behind these.  We will clean the knobs themselves.

Below, we summarise what we do when cleaning the remaining parts different appliances –


  • After removal of all ‘self clean’ liners, deep clean behind these liners plus the floor and roof of the oven to remove all grease and burnt on carbon deposits.
  • Remove the doors to allow access to more difficult to reach areas. Where possible,  we will split the doors to allow cleaning between the glass inner & outer panels.
  • Replace any bulbs where needed.


  • Remove all grease and burnt on carbon from the hob, including hob covers as appropriate.
  • On gas hobs, we polish out, by hand, burnt on deposits on the aluminium burners below the hob discs. This is to  to restore the original shine.


  • Remove grease & deposits from both the exterior and the interior (the bits you don’t see) of the extractor.
  • Clean aluminium filters to remove the grease and odours that get trapped between the filter layers.
  • Remove bulb covers to allow cleaning of the cover itself and also the reflective areas behind these.
  • Replace paper filters.
  • Clean and polish aluminium / stainless / glass hoods.
  • As with your oven, replace any bulbs where necessary.
When we have finished cleaning, we  put everything back together and polish.

AGA / Stanley / Rayburn Range Cookers and Ovens

AGA style ovens follow a very similar cleaning approach to normal ovens and hobs. However, besides the areas above, the hot plates, door interiors, etc. require something a little special! This is what we do:

  • Clean and polish the topside of the hot plate lids with burnt on deposits being removed from the enamelled areas.
  • Buff and polish, by hand, the underside of the hot plate lids to bring back the original lustre.
  • Remove hot plate rings to allow us to get the inevitable heavy deposits removed.
  • Buff and polish inside the oven doors. as with the hot plate covers.
  • Clear chimneys of grease deposits, etc. and polish.

Please note that when cleaning AGA Ranges, it is necessary to turn the appliance off to allow it to cool before we arrive, as this ensures the best results.